These files were created using the pdfmaze program, which is included in DaVince Tools. The pdfmaze program allows the creation of mazes ranging in difficulty from the very easy to the very difficult. For small children who have difficulty with the easy mazes , try the easy mazes with solutions, and have the children trace the solution with a crayon.

Hint: You can use the odd page or even page print option to print only the mazes or the mazes with solutions, respectively.

Downloads Size Description 
mazesmal.pdf 102kb 100 small mazes with solutions, easy difficulty.
mazemed.pdf 171kb 100 medium size mazes of medium difficulty with solutions
mazelarg.pdf 166kb 20 large mazes with solutions, hard difficulty.
mazejumb.pdf 305kb 10 jumbo mazes that are extremely difficult to solve, with solutions
All of these PDF files were created using version 3 of DaVince Tools, which can create both color and monochrome Bingo game cards. Click on the file name to view.


Monochrome Cards
4 cards per page - bingo4.pdf
6 cards per page - bingo6.pdf
9 cards per page - bingo9.pdf


Color Cards
4 cards per page - bingo4c.pdf
6 cards per page - bingo6c.pdf
9 cards per page - bingo9c.pdf


Downloads Size Description
021-101p.pdf 230kb The "Declaration of Independence" converted to PDF
021-101p.tif 195kb The "Declaration of Independence" in TIF format

The "Declaration of Independence" image used here was obtained by the United States Library of Congress. This TIFF file is a multi-strip file using Modified Huffman compression (compression mode 2). This TIFF file was converted to PDF using the DaVince Tool tiff2pdf. This is the 1777 printed edition printed in Baltimore, Maryland by Mary Katharine Goddard. The end of the text in this edition states:

In Congress, January 18, 1777. Ordered, that an authenticated copy of the Declaration of Independency, with the names of the members of Congress, subscribing the same, be sent to each of the United States, and that they be desired to have the same put on record. By order of Congress, John Hancock, president.


You can find out more about the "Declaration of Independence" and other United States historical documents at the Library of Congress web site at

Downloads Size Description 
wonder.pdf 150kb "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", by Lewis Carroll (71 pages)
wonder.txt 170kb The book in its original text format

This public domain publication was converted from a plain text file to PDF. The original file was obtained by Project Gutenburg. The file was modified slightly to contain page breaks between chapters (form-feeds were added), and the Project Gutenburg information was placed at the end of the file. Some of the features of this electronic book include text reflow from the original plain text document, 2 columns per page, proportional font support, and article threads.

Davince Tools has been creating PDF files since 1999.